Saturday, April 2, 2011

VCPunx Show Tonight

Show tonight at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, come hang! 9pm in The Mug (basement of Main Building)


FATRick and the ? boys

Thursday, March 17, 2011




*Poor Choice (no Dipers) w/ Marshall Stacks, Acidic Tree, Auslander
Thurs March 17 @ Summercamp
Chicago, IL

*Dipers (no Poor Choice) w/ Loose Ends, Dead Womb, ErsaVice, SHAYNExDITZEL
Fri March 18 @ Da Main Base 6:30PM (show over by 10PM)
Hillsborough, NJ

Poor Choice and Dipers w/ Self Conscious, Cousin Brian
Sat March 19th @ Jim's house 7PM
Philadelphia, PA

Poor Choice and Dipers w/ Secret Ploice
Sun March 20th @ The Alamo 7PM
New Brunswick, NJ

Poor Choice and Dipers w/ Fuckheads
Mon March 21 @ Tone Den 8PM
Allston, MA

Poor Choice and Dipers w/ Longcat
Tues March 22 @ ROTA Gallery 7PM $3-5
19 Clinton St
Plattsburgh, NY

Poor Choice and Dipers w/ Tear Drops, Spicoli, Long Pigs
Wed March 23 @ Charleston 7:30PM $5
174 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Terminal Boredom review

Fuck the Red Sox

"Dipers "Pronounced Diapers" demo cassette
There was a great and under-rated band from Seattle called The Dipers from not too long ago, you know. Maybe not a lot of people are hip to them unless you were a really devout follower of the A-Frames/Dragnet Records family tree. I'm just sayin'. And they didn't have to hit you over the head with the joke either. We could figure it out without the Wipers parody logo and all. These Dipers are from NYC and wear their Yankees pride on their sleeves j-cards, which just makes me want to toss thing right out the window. But fair is's four songs of goofball sloppy punk about lighting farts, "Dog Mosh" and other dumb shit. The guy's got a good vocal growl and they have some riffs that work even if the whole thing is corny as hell. Musically it's decent hardcore-punk, aesthetically/lyrically it's just a string of bad jokes. For fans of The Trashies and other stupid shit that thinks it's funny. 100 copies.(RK)
(Eat the Life //"

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tour w/ Poor Choice, Split w/ Cancer

Spring Break tour w/ our buds Poor Choice coming up

18- Hillsborough, NJ @ Da Main Base w/ Disobey, +more
19- Philadelphia, PA @ somewhere w/ Poor Coice, Self Conscious, Lessons Learned.
20- TBA w/ Poor Choice, Secret Police
21- Boston, MA @ Butcher Shop w/ Poor Choice, Occult Detective Club (TX), Scamps
22- Upstate NY @ tba w/ Poor Choice
23- Brooklyn, NY @ The Charleston w/ Poor Choice, Long Pigs, Spicoli

March 11 we have a new split out on Eat The Life Records with Cancer from Albany, NY (mem. Coughing Fit, Acid Reflux, After The Fall). Will be available from Eat The Life webstore, or come see us on tour or when we are back in NYC and pick one up! Still have some copies of the demo tape available too if you want one, can get 'em at the same places

Friday, February 25, 2011

Maximum Rock n Roll reviewed our tape this month

"Don't be fooled by the name/mock logo, this band sounds nothing like WIPERS...maybe more like POISON IDEA with lyrics written by WEIRD AL. Reminds me at certain times of poppy east bay punk bands a la SPAM RECORDS like the BLOTTOS or YOUR MOTHER but not as lyrically genius anything BOBBY JOE EBOLA related. With that being said, the lyrics to "Dog Mosh", about a crust punk's dog who can mosh, made me laugh but that's not saying much cause I still think Dumb and Dumber is funny. Was this inspired by the band CANINUS?" (Matt) (4-song cassette, lyrics included, Eat The Life Records)

Please comment on this post if you know who any of these bands are. I'm just gonna pretend it says Blotto and not Blottos, for all the Albany heads in the room. I just googled Caninus and am now REALLY happy that we got compared to that! has this band ever preformed live?????